Physical Education

Secondary School Program

Physical Education is a vital and integral part of the Oakwood educational program. Teaching students the value of staying physically active and developing their sports skills for present and future leisure pursuits is important.

Our program provides the physical activity and developmental learning experience appropriate for the growth and maturation of our students. Regular physical activity stimulates the development of cardiovascular function, muscular strength and endurance. Additionally, the Oakwood program provides benefits which contribute to a sense of well-being and support academic achievement.

Physical Education Exploration

• Ultimate Frisbee
• Flag Football
• Soccer
• Basketball
• Archery
• Paddle Tennis
• Fitness for Life
• Badminton
• Floor Hockey
• Capture the Flag

After School Sports
• Volleyball (Girls/Boys)
• Tennis (Girls/Boys)
• Cross Country (Girls/Boys)
• Equestrian
• Soccer (Girls/Boys)
• Basketball (Girls/Boys)
• Softball
• Track & Field (Girls/Boys)

Dance provides students with an opportunity for self-expression through movement. Dance develops strength, endurance and flexibility, as well as creativity and cooperation. Styles and activities include:
• Hip-hop
• Jazz
• Latin jazz
• Pilates with stability ball

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