Student Life

Oakwood is a vibrant, dynamic community, alive with the palpable enthusiasm and curiosity of its student body.  Our students engage in a myriad of activities outside of the classroom, be they athletic, artistic, or service-oriented.  Channeling their energy and pursuing their passions, Oakwood students become more themselves through a host of extracurricular activities, adding texture to the overall high school experience.  Student-run clubs, music, theater and dance performances, newspapers and blogs, radio programs, sports teams, and social/cultural awareness groups such as Girls Learn International and OSADD, all mark the Oakwood experience as one that encourages student voice and presence in the greater community.

Town Meeting

At least once weekly, the entire Oakwood Secondary School community gathers together in the gym for nearly an hour.  Led by the elected co-presidents of Student Council, this Town Meeting is at once forum, performance, in gathering, exhibition and information session.  Community members from the Head of School to the newest 7th grader are welcome to wait patiently in line for the microphone.  Musical performances, club meeting announcements, spoken word op-ed pieces, dramatic readings, dance offs, shout outs, green living tips, and celebrations showcase the diversity, creativity and freedom of expression at the core of the Oakwood spirit.  Often, Town Meeting is a springboard for further discussions throughout the week.  Town Meeting is entertaining, provocative, and informative.  It is one vibrant manifestation of the Statement of Philosophy and of the passions that compose the Oakwood community.

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