boy on the floor studyingHumanities provides a bridge from elementary to high school in the midst of our
7-12 community. Our This schedule provides flexibility for project based learning. Students develop critical thinking skills by making conceptual connections among the wide variety of subject matter.

Seventh Grade Curriculum:
Global Studies

Students explore the causes and effects of social and political change through lessons in history, geography, literature, and culture.  Students recognize that when interpreting world events, uncertainty must be tolerated and no single story tells the whole truth.  Students study past and present global conflicts with a focus on individuals who were able to affect change through personal action, giving meaning to the notion that one person can make a difference. Particular emphasis is placed on the skills of supporting ideas with evidence, reading comprehension and literary analysis through challenging, yet age-appropriate fiction selections, such as The Breadwinner, Fahrenheit 451, and Animal Farm.  All skills, content and pedagogy in 7th Grade Humanities are designed to transition well to the American Studies of 8th grade Humanities.

Eighth Grade Curriculum:
American Culture and History

Students explore American history, literature, current events, and multicultural studies, and learn to make thematic connections into a natural mode for eighth graders to think, talk, and write about the United States. Students engage in interactive activities and assessments such as the Parent-Student Book Club, Model Senate Simulation and Mock Trial.  On multi-paragraph essays, attention is given to prewriting, peer response, and revision. Eighth graders continue the formal study of grammar, usage, and mechanics. Other writing assignments include editorials, journals, fictional pieces, and poetry writing.  The study of literature focuses on a number of genres: novel, short story, autobiography, drama and poetry.  Texts include The Autobiography of Frederick Douglass, Romeo and Juliet, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, American Born Chinese, In Our Time, Bread Givers, and To Kill a Mockingbird.   


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