Student Admission Committee

A unique aspect to the secondary school admission process is the role that students play. Over 150 students in grades eight through twelve volunteer to serve on the Student Admission Committee (SAC).

These students take their role as ambassadors of the school very seriously. In addition, they partner with admission staff, help plan events, give tours and perhaps most importantly, participate in the interview cycle during the admission season. They commonly express a deep love of the school and a desire that its tradition of excellence continue.

To lead this wonderful group of students, the Admission Office relies on the help of our Student Admission Commitee Chairs.  These are students that have been on the Admission Committee for some time and want to take more of an active leadership role.  The Admission Office is happy to introduce our new 2016-17 Student Admission Committee Chairs:




Favorite classHonors Physics
Favorite event:  Spirit Night! Once a year the entire school watches as the basketball teams battle it out at one of their last games. We all dress up in school colors (red and black) and cheer our hearts out! 
Favorite comfort zone breakthrough: Even though I have been at Oakwood since kindergarten, making my first announcement at Town Meeting was a huge step for me. Every Monday the whole school gathers in the gym for Town Meeting; students and teachers can make an announcement, perform, or speak about anything on their mind. Taking the mic for the first time was terrifying but it felt amazing to know my voice was being heard through the entire community.
Favorite Spot: Sculpture Studio


Favorite class:I love English because not only am I presented with the opportunity to read really great books, but also the chance to discuss them and dig deeper with my peers. 
Favorite event: Arts fair is such a unique event. I love it because I'm given the chance to do whatever I want and roam free without a solidified schedule. Seeing all the incredible art Oakwood produces is a really special experience.
Favorite immersion: I was in the aviation and airplanes immersion when I was in seventh grade. In the immersion, we built our own wooden airplanes and learned about them from a guest speaker. We also got to go to a field where everyone is flying model airplanes and got to fly some of our own as well. We also got to stay in San Diego and visit an aircraft carrier. The whole experience was awesome because I got to learn about the aircrafts themselves while also getting hands on experience with them.



Favorite Class: Theatre is probably my favorite class. Ren, the head of the Performing Arts Department and our awesome theatre teacher, builds a comprehensive theatre curriculum that's the perfect mix of fun and challenging. It's also my outlet, and a place where I feel safe taking risks.
Favorite event: Diversity Week! It's so wonderful to see students and faculty members leading important discussions and raising issues of diversity and inclusion on campus. This week always highlights the familial nature of Oakwood because everyone is so supportive and attentive in listening to each other.
Tip: Make sure you get in the hot lunch line ASAP so you have time to hang out with your friends, meet with your teachers, and dance in the Old Senior Lot to Gorilla Radio!



Favorite Class: English
Favorite Immersion: Chinese Mosaic. For two weeks, most of the students taking Mandarin Chinese at Oakwood, as well as some who weren't, traveled to Beijing and Shanghai to fully immerse ourselves in the culture and language. This was by far the most effective way to learn Chinese that I've experienced, and also allowed us a glimpse into what life and society in China are like.
Favorite spot on campus: The booth in the theater.



Favorite class: AP US History
Favorite event: Arts festival! It's the best time of the year because we get to come to school for the sole purpose of sharing and observing art. Oakwood is full of insanely talented people and Arts Fest is the best time to see all of their gorgeous work! 
Favorite Immersion: Grassroots. For this immersion, we traveled all around LA visiting the headquarters fo multiple service organizations. We got the opportunity to truly understand how any operation is started and what it is like for someone who believes so strongly in a cause that they start a movement for it. We also got to cook a delicious dinner for the occupants of a homeless shelter in East LA which was an experience I will never forget. 




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