Physical Education

At the Elementary School

Our PE program offers opportunities for physical growth and development in team and individual sports. Through a variety of activities over their elementary school experience, students develop:

  • Skills of balance and locomotion along with greater bodily and spatial awareness

  • Skills and understanding of games, rules and strategies

Special PE activities include:

  • Olympic games/track and field day

  • Dance presentations in conjunction with grade level performances

  • Games between the sixth graders and faculty

  • Physical fitness activitiesField trips to sporting events

  • After school sports clinics and team games

  • First aid training using the American Red Cross Multimedia First Aid Course.


Physical Education Policies


  • Athletic shoes are required for all PE classes.

  • Clothing should allow freedom of movement.

  • Jewelry that can interfere with physical activity should not be worn to school


  • A medical excuse is required for students who must be excused for more than a week. Medical excuses, signed by a doctor, must state the extent of injury or illness, specific limitations, and duration of absence.

  • Parent excuses must be presented on a daily basis for a student to be excused from PE.

  • Students excused from full participation in P.E. must also restrict recess and lunch activities


  • Any personal equipment from home must be labeled with first and last name and must be shared.

  • The school does not permit the use of baseballs or other hard balls (e.g. golf balls) on campus.


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