The Power of Words

The power of words to enchant and to enlighten influences and guides the goals of the English Department. Students are engaged in the development of skills as well as the appreciation of ideas.

In every course, we expect students to move closer to achieving the following goals:
• Become life long readers who find that
   reading is a joy
• Learn the elements of literary analysis
• Develop and expand vocabulary
• Sharpen reasoning skills
• Learn to approach writing as a process
• Discover an authentic voice in writing
• Participate confidently in discourse
• Use critical and supplemental materials

English Curriculum

Grade 9:
Ancient Literature

Grade 10:
British and World Literature

Grade 11:
American Literature or Honors American Literature

Grade 12:
Modern American Literature, AP English Language, AP English Literature, Science Fiction: Utopias and Dystopias, Creative Writing, or Truth or Fiction

In addition, many high school students elect to enroll in independent studies/special topics to further pursue concepts related to literature and writing. Sample independent studies/special topic courses include: Novel Writing, Modern Absurdism, Donne & Milton, Jane Austen, Dystopian Fiction, Writers of the Beat Generation, David Foster Wallace, Modern Poetry, and much more.

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