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Learning to Look: the Curator as a Guide | Searching for Unicorns: The Quest for the Perfect Tech Startup | Under-Represented in Hollywood: Is Anything Changing? | Whiskey/Whisky 101



From SNL to Breaking Bad: Better Call Bob | #NOTFakeNews: The Truth of the Matter

Learning to Look: the Museum as a Space for Ideas
Session 1A | 7:30–8:20pm
Your next museum visit will be enhanced and enriched after learning about the curator's role at the museum, and how exhibitions are organized to foster engagement with emerging and established practices in art, architecture, and design.
Joseph Becker '02
Associate Curator of Architecture and Design, SF MoMA 


Searching for Unicorns: The Quest for the Perfect Startup
Session 1B | 7:30–8:20pm
Have you ever had a great idea for a tech company? Though you may believe you have the next Facebook or Snapchat, the reality is that only one out of every 10 entrepreneurial ventures will succeed. Hear from a venture capitalist and the co-founder of a successful startup about the current state of startups and what it takes to become a "unicorn."
Matt Bakal, Current Parent
Co-Founder, Atom Tickets
David Asarnow '95
Venture Capitalist
Moderator: Mike Lam '93  
Executive Producer: Club de Cuervos


Under-Represented in Hollywood: Is Anything Changing?
Session 1C | 7:30–8:20pm
Who are the under-represented? Has this definition changed and grown over the years, and what is the industry doing to become more inclusive? A discussion with Hollywood insiders about "making it" and how to ensure that every voice is heard. 
Jason George, Current parent
Kevin Bray, Current Parent
Lisa Cholodenko, Current Parent
Kourtney Kang, Current Parent
Co-Executive Producer: Fresh Off the Boat
Moderator: Sal Lopez, Parent of Alumni
Actor, Producer


Whiskey/Whisky 101
Session 1E | 7:30–8:20pm
What's the difference between whiskey, bourbon, and rye...and why sometimes whisky and other times whiskey? Why does whiskey taste as it does? Are there nuances to how it smells and tastes, and what is the explanation? Over ice or straight up? Should I prefer single malt or blend? Are more expensive varieties truly better? Find out the answers to these questions and more, before your next acquisition. 
Chris Sliney, Current Parent
Whiskey Enthusiast
Non-refundable materials fee: $20.00 per registrant. Proof of age required (21). 


From SNL to Breaking Bad: Better Call Bob
Session 2A | 8:30–9:20pm
Bob Odenkirk is best known for his work as Saul Goodman on the award winning shows Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, but his career didn't start on the screen. Join us as he talks with Nika Litt '17 about his early career as a writer on SNL, when he decided to pursue comedy roles on the screen, and what it took to catapult himself to the role that launched a second wave of critically acclaimed success. 
Bob Odenkirk, Current Parent
Nika Litt '17, Current Student


#NOTFakeNews: The Truth of the Matter
Session 2B | 8:30–9:20pm
The Trump Era is bringing a new dynamic to the world, and covering the news is proving to be a monumental challenge. From "fake news" to "alternative facts," this new administration has tested the media, calling it the "enemy of the people." Our panel will discuss the new parameters of reporting the news, the legal aspects of leaks, press pool access and coverage, libel and slander, and the public's right to an open and free press. 
Andrew Blankstein, Current Parent
Investigative Reporter, NBC, Crime Justice Issues and Breaking News at the LA Times
Karlene Goller, Parent of Alumnus
Media Lawyer & Newsroom Counselor, Member of the Seattle Police Monitoring Team, and Lecturer, UC Irvine School of Law
Vince Gonzales, Current Parent
Professor of Professional Practice, Coordinator of School of Journalism Master's Programs, USC Annenberg 
Jim Newton, Parent of Alumnus
Journalist, Author, UCLA Faculty, Founding Editor of Blueprint magazine
Moderator: Julie Buckner '85, Current Parent and Parent of Alumnus



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