From the Principal

Margo Long, Elementary School Principal

Welcome to Oakwood and to the Elementary School!  Celebrating the JOYS AND CHALLENGES OF CHILDHOOD by embracing and living out the school’s philosophy is at the heart of life on the elementary school campus.  Engagement and laughter permeate classrooms as students hone their academic, aesthetic, emotional and physical skills.  Whether solving mathematical problems, reading and discussing literature, developing a play about the Women’s Suffrage Movement, creating Chumash basketry or imagining their place as global citizens, students participate with enthusiasm and curiosity, all the while being introduced to diverse perspectives. Elementary school students thrive with the guidance of educators who provide an interactive, hands-on curriculum.

From kindergarten through sixth grade, children are respected for their INDIVIDUALITY and gain SELF-KNOWLEDGE in an environment where it is safe to build their strengths, as well as to recognize their weaknesses.  Independence in both scholastic endeavors and personal decision making is fostered. Communication and collaboration are also vital components of the learning process. Through participation in a range of activities, such as being part of the orchestra, playing on an intramural sports team, crossing the continental United States as part of a wagon train simulation, enacting an Asian Folktale or dissecting a specimen with a partner in the Science and Technology Center, students learn to work together. 

Oakwood is a community comprised of children, parents, teachers and administrators.  Benefits of this thirteen year journey are numerous – and ‘lifers’ provide extraordinary anecdotal accounts of how Oakwood has positively affected their lives.  As adults, years after leaving campus, they return to regale us with remembered tales of class events, interactions with peers, and the significant impact of their earliest school experiences.  LIFELONG MEMORIES and friendships abound!

We appreciate and welcome your interest in the elementary school.

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