Head of School

Jaime DominguezJaime Dominguez

As both a parent and an educator, there are particular elements I look for in a school that are integral to the highest quality education. Does the school put students at the center of its philosophy and truly honor the individual? Do teachers celebrate the unique qualities of every student and provide opportunities for wholehearted engagement?

Following from this, a truly exceptional educational community recognizes the value that comes when students, teachers, and parents learn with and from one another. There is an authentic sense of reciprocity when all members of the community are sharing and learning together.

From this comes the expectation that students are being prepared to not only live in a democratic society but are developing capacities and being inspired to fully participate and lead. Ultimately, being well-educated is being encouraged to be our best selves, where the school works in partnership with parents to raise young adults who have developed a strong moral compass. Students must feel inspired to go out into the world to do good for themselves and others—everything the school focuses on must hold this ultimate responsibility at its core.

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