Secondary Campus Arts

Languages of the Visual World

The Visual Arts curriculum is designed to help students gain knowledge and experience with the languages of the visual world. 
We stress art as a form of communication within a cultural and historical context. Students learn technical skills with which to express themselves, as well as vocabulary to discuss their vision and the vision of others. We strive to introduce our students to a lifelong appreciation of art as a means of personal and cultural representation.

The CalArts Program

Through our partnership with the California Institute of the Arts, middle school students have the opportunity to take an additional visual or performing arts course, in addition to the one required in the regular curriculum. Each trimester the students choose from a variety of classes in music, dance, theatre, and the visual arts, which meet once a week to supplement and enhance their arts education. CalArts graduates and graduate students come to Oakwood to share their expertise and enrich our core courses.

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    • Musical Theatre
    • Improvisation
    • Ceramics
    • Computer Animation
    • Comics and Caricature
    • Historical Self-Portraits
    • African Dance
    • Jazz Singing
    • Super 8 Film making
    • Sewing
    • Photography
    • Rock Band
    • Tap Dance
    • Screenprinting
    • Recording Using Pro Tools
    • Sketch Comedy
    • Learn to DJ
    • Tinkering and the Art of Technology
    • Hip Hop
    This is just a sampling of the incredible course opportunities the CalArts program offers to Oakwood students.


We aim to inspire students towards fluency in the Performing Arts through a diverse curriculum filled with opportunities to develop individual artistry, cultural, historical, and social awareness, and boundless imagination.
Throught the studies in performing arts, students will acquire the skills required to create, produce, perform and present works of art. Recognizing their place in the artistic community at large, students will also develop enduring artistic values tempered with grace and humility— important steps toward becoming empathetic, well-rounded, self-knowing human beings.

Theater Arts

For over 50 years, Oakwood theatre has produced socially conscious productions that  inspire, enlighten, and entertain. From its earliest days, the theatre department has been known for pushing the boundaries and providing students with opportunities to engage material in as many forms as can be imagined, from the page to the stage and everything in between.


Oakwood’s music department is devoted to the study and performance of music in all its diversity, including experimental music composition, jazz, popular music, brass band, big band, world music, chorus, orchestra, and more. To enhance this philosophy, the department offers a wide range of classes in theory, composition, and performance, each geared to helping students develop their skills as they work toward mastery.


Oakwood’s dance department teaches a wide range of styles and techniques designed to challenge students with technical mastery and explore structures inherent to each discipline. Students are lead to explore the social significance and practical applications of dance as an art form, and inspired to  appreciate dance as a powerful tool of personal expression through movement.

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