Elementary Campus Arts

Visual Art

The elementary school art program is rooted in the belief that all children are artists. Our goal is to build skills, instill confidence, and bring students’ artistic visions to life as they create artworks they can share with pride.
Art is a creative process that should always be rooted in fun. "Mistakes" are viewed as opportunities to foster resilience and build student’s capacities for overcoming obstacles.

While most projects follow guidelines, we encourage all of our young artists to think beyond the boundaries of a project. We work to help students follow their imagination when they are inspired and provide the needed tools and space to see their ideas through. A wide variety of art-making materials are introduced, and we embrace the messiness of the process. Students create 2D and 3D pieces as they learn the formal foundations of art, including line, color, composition, value, shape, form, space, and texture.


The Oakwood School music program is multifaceted and comprehensive where students are immersed in a curriculum that includes Kodaly, Suzuki, and the Classical Method.
Each grade level engages in singing, dancing, instrumental music, musical literacy, and grade-appropriate music history. A wide variety of genres and styles of music are explored through in-depth studies of musical history in the 5th and 6th grades.

Vocal and instrumental performances occur regularly throughout the year in the form of concerts and a variety of performances. Through culminating events that showcase areas of classroom learning, students engage in interdisciplinary music projects that involve both music and visual art.