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“Seriousness of Purpose, with a Sense of Play”

from our Statement of Philosophy
Oakwood is a vibrant community alive with the palpable enthusiasm and curiosity of its student body.  Here, young people engage in a myriad of pursuits—athletic, artistic, service-oriented, and more— that extend beyond the classroom.  Channeling their energy and pursuing their passions, Oakwood students find themselves through extracurricular activities that add meaning and to the overall academic experience.  Student-run clubs, music, theater, and dance performances, newspapers and blogs, radio programs, sports championships, and cultural awareness work all mark the Oakwood experience as one that centers student voices and truly prepares young people to be participants in our democratic society.

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    Oakwood seeks to instill our students with a sense of responsibility and humility through a habit of service, and to instill a lifelong commitment to social justice.

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    Reflecting the values at the core of our Statement of Philosophy, Oakwood is committed to fostering an inclusive academic and social environment where every member of our community is valued and feels a sense of belonging.

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    Oakwood’s Statement of Philosophy compels us to have students “grapple meaningfully with ideas, to discover relationships among disciplines, and to become independent and moral thinkers."

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