School Leadership

Head of School

Jaime A. Dominguez
“As both a parent and an educator, there are particular elements I look for in a school that are integral to the highest quality education. Does the school put students at the center of its philosophy and truly honor the individual? Do teachers celebrate the unique qualities of every student and provide opportunities for wholehearted engagement?

A truly exceptional educational community recognizes the value that comes when students, teachers, and parents learn with and from one another. There is an authentic sense of reciprocity when all members of the community are learning together.”

Senior Administration

List of 8 items.

  • Toyin Augustus

    Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
  • Nancy Leptuch Virrey

    Director of Advancement
  • Stacie Muñoz

    Director of Educational Innovation and Technology Services
  • Bret Nicely

    Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Erin Nowak

    Middle School Principal
  • William Perkins Tift

    High School Principal
  • Denise Ross

    Elementary School Principal
  • Christopher Thomas

    Chief Operating Officer
    • James Alan Astman, Ph. D.

Headmaster Emeritus

After four decades of leadership and service to Oakwood School, Headmaster Jim Astman retired from his role on June 30, 2019. We are fortunate to have been led by someone with a personal connection to Oakwood’s founders and who brought their original vision to life in innumerable ways. Always placing the Statement of Philosophy at the center of Oakwood’s endeavors, Jim grew our school into a nationally recognized leader of K-12 progressive education. In his role as Headmaster Emeritus, Jim lends his wisdom, institutional knowledge, and passionate educational vision to the continuing betterment of our community.

One such example is this video series: A Quarantine Camp Backpack for Parents.

Board of Trustees

The Oakwood School Board of Trustees serves as the guardian of our Statement of Philosophy and is accountable for the financial stability and future of the school.
The Board is comprised of Oakwood School parents, grandparents, alumni, and community members. Pursuant to the school’s bylaws:

  • The Board can have no more than 33 Trustees, including no more than 5 General Members.
  • Trustees serve 3-year terms with a 2-term limit (and after one year rotating off the Board, a trustee may be eligible for re-election to the Board).
  • General Members serve renewable 10-year terms and provide continuity and/or special expertise to the Board.
The Board meets 6 times annually. Trustees typically serve on two Board Committees, which include: Advancement; Audit; Governance and Committee on Trustees; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging; Executive; Finance and Investment; and Marketing Communications/Strategic Planning.

List of 27 items.

  • Alexandra Lang Susman, Chair

    LGBT Civil Rights Attorney
    Current Parent
    Trustee Since 2019
  • John D. Jones, Vice Chair

    President/CEO of Greystone Management Group, Inc.
    Current Parent
    Trustee since 2020
  • Jeffrey Markowitz '82, Treasurer

    CEO & Creative Director of Creative Compound
    Oakwood Alumnus and Alumnus Parent
    Trustee Since 2017 and 2010-2016
  • Mark Roybal, Secretary

    Current Parent
    Trustee since 2018
  • Lori Hall Armstrong

    Attorney & Strategist
    Current and Alumnus Parent
    Trustee since 2020
  • Jamie Bakal '92

    Educational Consultant
    Oakwood Alumna and Current Parent
    Trustee since 2018
  • Mitchell Butler '89

    National Basketball Players Association Certified Agent
    Oakwood Alumnus 
    Trustee since 2021 and 2013-2019
  • Meryl K. Chae, Past Chair

    General Counsel & SVP, Harbor Freight Tools
    Alumna Parent
    Trustee Since 2018 and 2011-2017
  • Ken Fritz, General Member

    Former President, Talent Managers Association
    Alumni Parent and Current Grandparent
    Trustee since 1979
  • Les Frost

    Retired Educator
    Current Grandparent
    Trustee since 2021
  • Marta F. Kauffman, Past Chair

    Writer/Director/Executive Producer
    Alumni Parent
    Trustee since 2015 and 2002-2008
  • Robert Kondrk

    Vice President, Apple
    Current Parent
    Trustee since 2022
  • Greg Kurstin '87

    Songwriter & Music Producer
    Oakwood Alumnus and Current Parent
    Trustee Since 2019
  • David Lipsey

    Senior Investment Strategist, Wells Fargo Bank
    Alumni Parent
    Trustee since 2019
  • Barbara Marshall, General Member

    Alumni Parent
    Trustee since 1970
  • Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali EC ’76, General Member

    Philanthropist and Investor
    Oakwood EC Alumna & Alumni Parent
    Trustee Since 2002
  • Maya Omar

    HR Executive, NBC Universal
    Current Parent
    Trustee since 2022
  • Ira Pianko, General Member

    Alumni Parent
    Trustee since 1992
  • Dana Settle

    Partner and Co-Founder of Greycroft
    Current Parent
    Trustee since 2020
  • Monifa Sims

    Actor, Writer, Au Pair Specialist
    Alumna Parent
    Trustee Since 2018
  • Zach Suchin '02

    Co-Founder & CEO, Brand Knew
    Oakwood Alumnus
    Trustee since 2022
  • Treani Swain '03

    Human Resources Specialist
    Oakwood Alumna
    Trustee since 2022
  • Sylvia Torres-Guillén

    Trial Lawyer
    Current Parent
    Trustee Since 2021
  • David Weber

    Entertainment Attorney
    Current Parent
    Trustee Since 2020
  • Alonzo Wickers IV

    First Amendment & Intellectual Property Lawyer
    Current Parent
    Trustee Since 2021
  • Marcus Wiley

    Founder/Producer, Immi
    Current Parent
    Trustee since 2022
  • Gideon Yu

    Co-Owner & Former President, SF 49ers
    Current Parent
    Trustee Since 2021