Middle School

The middle school years are some of the most formative and dynamic in a child’s life. Students dramatically change—physically, socially, and intellectually—all within a short period of time. An exceptional middle school program supports students in all of these facets and springs from an understanding that all are inextricably connected.
For middle school students, identity is a fundamental concern. They are seeking to understand who they are, who they can become, and how to make sense of the world. Social-emotional learning is central to the Oakwood middle school program. We nurture a student’s ability to reflect on their life and their community, and we guide them to develop cultural competencies and habits of mind that will lead to thoughtful engagement with the community and life-long learning.

In the classroom, trusting teacher-student relationships are at the heart of learning. Teachers know their students and provide an environment in which young people feel comfortable asking questions, taking risks, and making mistakes—all essential components of the most powerful learning experiences. Students are encouraged to discover connections within and across disciplines as a means to think critically, solve problems, create, innovate, and find meaning in the world around them.
    • Erin Nowak, Middle School Principal

Our Integrated Curriculum

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  • Schedule & Academic Requirements

    Oakwood Middle School follows a modified block schedule to support students in their transition from elementary school. These longer periods give students and teachers additional time to build academic skills, explore content in greater depth, and work collaboratively.
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  • Middle School Enrichment Program

    Encouraging exploration and the opportunity to deepen passions and knowledge about social justice issues and the art world
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  • 7th Grade Seminar

    In this seminar, students develop their ability to understand, communicate, and effectively interact with one another. This seminar also explores the concept of difference to gain knowledge of various perspectives. The following essential questions guide this study:
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