From the Principal

Denise Ross, Elementary School Principal

Welcome to the elementary school, where an Oakwood education begins each morning to the familiar sounds of the hand-rung courtyard bell. Joyful enthusiasm, active engagement, and purposeful enterprise imbue a daily experience that is deeply rooted in our Statement of Philosophy. The original mission of Oakwood’s founding parents continues to shine a light on the children’s journey, while at the same time, the vision for their education continues to evolve through contemporary research, innovation, a focus on the present, and an eye toward the future.

Each child at the elementary school enriches the community as a unique individual who contributes their background and experiences, interests, and learning styles. This tapestry of diversity spawns opportunities for building self-awareness, exploring multiple perspectives, and valuing differences. Warm, caring, and supportive relationships forged by mutual respect and trust are at the core of the school’s commitment to cultivate a sense of belonging and “foster individual growth.”  In knowing their students, teachers recognize their potential and guide their progress. Within this secure and nurturing milieu, students feel empowered to take an active role in their learning and development—academically, aesthetically, physically, socially, and emotionally.

Beginning in kindergarten, students experience a rigorous educational program that capitalizes on their innate curiosity and love of learning.  Curriculum and instruction, designed with intention, promote RELEVANCE through real-world applications and inquiry-based learning; DEPTH through critical thinking and problem solving; RESPONSIBILITY through studies around human rights and social justice; CREATIVE EXPRESSION through the arts and music; and COMMUNITY through athletics, performances, and a myriad of classroom activities.  For children throughout the grades, the learning process provides space for students to discover personal meaning and inspiration, pursue their interests and passions, and take pride in their efforts and accomplishments. Under the watchful eye of a partnership formed by teachers, administrators and parents, students develop as learners in the present to become well-informed, productive citizens of the future.

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