Integrated Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive and exciting learning experience for students. Our elementary program features a developmentally appropriate curriculum that encompasses the core subjects of language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, computer technology, music and visual arts, and physical education.

Inspiring Active Learners

The course of study is designed to encourage and inspire active learners who think critically and take intellectual risks, while creating a smooth transition from one grade to the next.


Creative expression is promoted and effective study habits are developed. Field trips at each grade level enrich the curriculum and give children the opportunity to experience what they are learning in actual-world settings.

Beyond ABCs

Teachers offer experiences in art, music, dance, physical education, library and computer. Service learning programs encourage children's development as responsible citizens of the school and global community.


Reading and Language Arts
The language arts program encourages students to develop a lifelong appreciation for the power and beauty of the written word.

Social Studies
The social studies curriculum helps students understand past events and issues as they were experienced by the people in order to inform future decision making.

Our music program is a rich and varied one, including general music and instrumental instruction and a combination of movement, dance and drama.

Physical Education
Children are encouraged to enjoy athletics and value the benefits of physical activity as a way of life.

Beginning in kindergarten, students learn that mathematics is a language that helps us communicate.

The science curriculum promotes children's natural curiosity about the world around them.

The art curriculum involves students in a collaboration of skill building and creative expression.

Computer Technology
Computers are in use throughout the elementary school, in classrooms as well as in the computer lab and Science and Technology Center.

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