Provoking Curiosity

Our program builds on students‘ natural curiosity by providing them with an essential body of scientific knowledge and a forum for conducting inquiries into the physical and biological world. They are exposed in depth to the field of science, from the revolutionary insights of Newton and Galileo to provocative current topics such as nuclear power, genetic engineering, robotics, space science, and artificial intelligence.

Science Curriculum

Honors Biology
Honors Chemistry
Honors Physics
Honors Physics with Calculus
Physics II
Environmental Science
Human Anatomy and Physiology
A.P. Chemistry
A.P. Biology
A.P. Physics C

In addition, many high school students elect to enroll in independent studies/special topics to further pursue concepts related to Science. Sample courses include: Applied Physics, Biochemistry in the Lab, Cognitive Science, Organic Chemistry, Computational Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Solar Army: Chemical Innovation, Metabolic Disease, and much more. 


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