Independent Studies

The Independent Studies program offers an opportunity for in-depth study of topics not offered in the regular curriculum. Students, in partnership with a teacher, design a course of study that both fits their interests and meets the rigorous standards of a regular elective course.

Students meet with their teacher at least twice each week. They engage in a regular program of tests and essays and complete a culminating project, paper, portfolio, or performance.

Recent Independent Studies classes included:
• Advanced Fiction Writing
• Spanish Language and Culture
• Film Theory and History
• Philosophy and Social Issues
• Mathematical Modeling

Because of the prescribed course load for 9th and 10th grade students, the Independent Studies program is most often approved for 11th and 12th graders.

Special Topics

Much like Independent Studies, the Special Topics program provides students an opportunity to pursue an area of interest or passion. However, these courses are not graded, generally meet only once per week, and do not require the rigor of a regular course. Transcript credit is assigned on a pass/fail basis only.

Special Topics students frequently pursue interests such as Beginning Latin, Public Speaking, Social Philosophy, Architecture, and Guitar.



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