World Languages

Beyond Borders

The goals of the world languages program are twofold: to introduce students to the language and culture of other countries and to provide them with skills and knowledge they can apply to their own language. Language instruction stresses natural communication in conversation, using audio and video tools along with teacher-directed activities.

For many of our students, this is their first serious encounter with another language, so beginning level courses strive to teach basic concepts, such as gender, number, word order and verb conjugation. Students practice both active and receptive communication skills: speaking, comprehension, writing and reading. In their daily classes, students use the new language through participation in exercises and conversation and through active listening to the teacher and classmates.

Cultural Understanding

Along with their language study, they also learn about the cultures in which the languages are spoken in order to have a broader understanding of people of diverse cultural backgrounds within and beyond the borders of the United States.

World Languages Curriculum

French 1A
French 1B

Spanish 1A
Spanish 1B


Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin 1A
Mandarin 1B

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