Our primary goal is to help students gain familiarity and facility with the language of mathematics. While developing computational, logical, and analytical skills, we encourage our students to become active, creative problem solvers.

We stress the historical significance as well as the practical applications of the concepts we teach. Our students learn the role of mathematics in other fields of study and we hope our students will carry with them an appreciation of the beauty of mathematics throughout their adult lives.

Seventh Grade Curriculum

Standard Curriculum

Middle Honors
Accelerated Pre-Algebra

Top Honors
Algebra I

Eighth Grade Curriculum

Standard Curriculum
Algebra IA*

Middle Honors
Algebra I*

Top Honors

Algebra 1A and Algebra I are both courses in first-year algebra, but Algebra I is a more challenging version of the course.

All students in honors level courses must maintain a grade average of B- or better in order to advance to the next course in that sequence. Participation in the American Mathematics Competitions is expected of middle school students in honors level courses.


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