Service Learning

Service Learning is an integral part of the Oakwood middle school experience. It provides a structure for students to have opportunities to reflect on the needs of others, engage with their community, and take action as a local and global citizen. At Oakwood we intend to cultivate depth of character. We want students to develop empathy, imagination, and moral courage; a sense of responsibility informed by ethical values; a sense of humility; a habit of service; and a commitment to social justice. We intend for their intellectual and moral development to be intertwined, so that their choices are guided by internal controls and sensitivity to the needs of others.

Oakwood Students

X2Vol Service Log available through Family Connection

7th grade

In the fall, seventh graders attend a service learning fair, where they are introduced to all of the organizations and student-led projects that exist at Oakwood. High School students share their experiences with, and information about, established service organizations and small student initiated programs, in order to raise awareness of school and community issues, and to express possible ways students can become involved. In the spring, seventh grade students engage in a collaborative school Service Learning project in advisory. In this project, students assess a school need and develop a plan to address that need. Past projects have included a seventh and eighth grade buddy program and various community building activities.

8th grade

In the second semester of eighth grade, students take part in Community Leadership, a course where they build the skills and experience necessary to continue to grow in their civic engagement. In this course, students will learn the five stages of Service Learning and how to apply them to different social, cultural and economic issues in their community.

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