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A unique aspect to the secondary school admission process is the role that students play. Over 150 students in grades eight through twelve volunteer to serve on the Student Admission Committee (SAC). These students take their role as ambassadors of the school very seriously. In addition, they partner with admission staff, help plan events, give tours and perhaps most importantly, participate in the interview cycle during the admission season. They commonly express a deep love of the school and a desire that its tradition of excellence continue.

To lead this wonderful group of students, the Admission Office relies on the help of our Student Admission Committee Chairs.  These are students that have been on the Admission Committee for some time and want to take more of an active leadership role.  The Admission Office is happy to introduce our new 2017-18 Student Admission Committee Chairs:



Favorite class: 11th grade English! This class has taught me how to write well, and has helped me become more persuasive and prepared for all of my other classes that involve writing!

Favorite immersion: Marine Biology on Catalina Island.This was my 8th grade immersion, and one of my first times travelling on an overnight trip with school! It was so interesting to learn about the ocean, and I made some of my best friends on that trip. 

Oakwood pro-tip: If you are looking for ice cold water, the water fountain in the library courtyard has the coldest water, and there rarely is a line!


Favorite class: My favorite classes are either music theory or number theory because I love analyzing information and learning about the most fundamental parts of the music and math respectively. 

Favorite spot on campus: I love working with other students to plant and take care of the vegetables as well as working the automatic irrigation system.

Favorite immersion: My favorite immersion was sailing because it was so fun and challenging running Roseway for a week, learning the ins and outs of the boat, making bonds with new people, and being in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Virgin Islands.  


Favorite class: Philosophy and social issues.

Favorite event: My favorite event at school is diversity week!! It's amazing to see everyone in the school take a step back and focus on diversity and equity inclusion both at Oakwood and in the world at large. Teachers and Students are able to find and/or create safe spaces where they not only educate the school on the topic, many students give speeches and least many different seminars about their own experiences and how they want to change and make the world a better, more accepting place. 

Oakwood pro-tip: Make sure you get in the hot lunch line ASAP so you have time to hang out with your friends, meet with your teachers, and dance in the Old Senior Lot to Gorilla Radio!


Favorite event: Arts Festival happens annually when the entire school comes together to celebrate our appreciation of the arts at Oakwood. The day is filled with dance, music, song, theatre performances done by students and faculty. The school is decorated with unique art installations that students have worked on all year. There is a feeling of togetherness during Arts Festival each year and it always reminds me about how special of a place Oakwood is -- (oh and how talented our community is).

Favorite spot on campus: The red couch in the History Office has provided me more than just a comfortable place to study. I have had some of the most valuable conversations on or near that couch with the History Department. Aside from being extremely knowledgeable and wise, the History teachers (and really all teachers at Oakwood) truly care about you. There are at least a few students hanging out on the couch at all hours of the day.

Oakwood pro-tip: Don’t be afraid to get involved at Oakwood! Students and teachers being engaged in clubs and other extra curriculars make Oakwood special. Club leaders love seeing new students attending meetings. By joining clubs or sports teams means that you are making an impact on the community which is a great feeling. Getting involved has made my experience at Oakwood richer and has made me a better person.


Favorite class: My favorite class has to be history! I love the interactive class format because it immerses you more into the material and makes it easy to follow! Majority of the history classes that I have taken thus far have been this way. It's nice to have fun and be in class at the same time!

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite on campus spot is the Old Senior Lot because the entire school is there during break and lunch. I love seeing everyone interact with each other. 

Favorite Immersion: My favorite immersion was the trip to the Dominican Republic! I am half Dominican so I wanted to go to experience more of my culture as there is not a huge Dominican community here in LA. While on the trip, we spent time with the locals. We played basketball together and taught each other dances. I especially appreciated the time we spent touring Santo Domingo! On top of that, the class was based around marine life preservation and was very hands on. We went dolphin watching and saw 14 of them on their trail through the Atlantic. So basically not only was I immersed in my culture for 10 days, but I was also studying and helping save the marine life all while in paradise!


Favorite spot on campus: The Library is the quietest spot on campus. It’s perfect for getting homework done during free periods or for hanging out before school starts in the mornings. 

Favorite Immersion: NOLA. The New Orleans immersion was one of the coolest trips I’ve done for immersion. We were able to go to different jazz clubs every night and listen to some of the most prominent musicians in the city right now. 

Oakwood pro-tip: Take advantage of how approachable your teachers are. They love to talk to students any time and you are always welcome to hang out on the couch in the History office.


Favorite class: My favorite class that I have taken at Oakwood (so far!) has been Campaigns and Elections in the United States. Not only did we get to learn about the electoral process while the 2016 election was underway, but we also did a simulation where we ran our own presidential campaign. 

Favorite event: Arts Fair! The whole school is decked out in decorations and sculpture installations. Throughout the day there are art exhibits, film screenings, and tons of performances. It’s so incredible to see the talent and passion of Oakwood students manifest in a day of celebration before school is out for the summer. 

Favorite immersion: I reject the premise of choosing only one favorite immersion, since every one has been great, but one of my favorites has been the Grapes of Wrath. As we read Steinbeck’s classic novel, we visited historical archives and old labor camps, talked to Dust Bowl survivors as well as migrant workers today, and visited farms in the Central Valley to supplement and deepen our reading of the book.


Favorite event: I honestly can't decide between Spirit Night and the Halloween event. I love seeing everyone in Oakwood colors and coming to see the girls basketball team play but I also love seeing the Oakwood community in their glamorous Halloween attire. Especially the faculty! 

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus is the history office because it offers both a physical comfort, the red sofa and a mental comfort, talking to teachers. 

Favorite event: My favorite immersion has been SDLC. (Student Diversity Leadership Conference) I loved going to Atlanta with my fellow peers and being able to talk to kids from around the country about their different leadership and personal experiences. It helped me gain perspective as a leader on the Oakwood campus. I also got to try my first ever Waffle House! 





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