Community Youth Partnership

Community Youth Partnership (CYP) is one of Oakwood’s signature community engagement programs, providing free after-school enrichment in the arts and sciences to our neighboring LAUSD students in the San Fernando Valley. Oakwood is pleased to open our campus and share our facilities and resources to provide supplemental learning experiences to students in grades 3-8. Workshops in coding, dance, music, visual art, and science are taught by Oakwood high school students, under adult supervision, who have passion for these disciplines, and interest in community building and youth mentorship. 
CYP is an example of how we strive to achieve Oakwood’s goal to cultivate depth of character through Community Engagement. Through active involvement in their various communities (local, state, national, and international), students learn the importance of civic engagement and responsibility as well as some of the ways that social, political, and economic factors shape community life.

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  • Art

    Each week, Oakwood student teachers introduce a new artistic technique or medium for students to explore. They apply these skills in fun hands-on projects, like watercolor painting, jewelry-making, and collages! From self-portraits to print making, the visual arts program's lessons provide a space for students to try new things, make mistakes, and discover a love of art.
  • Coding

    In the Computer Science program, we primarily work with a software called Scratch. Students have an opportunity to utilize software and get a basic understanding of the functions of coding. They have the opportunity to create their own games and designs, applying what they learn.
  • Dance

    Fun-filled with activities, students in the CYP dance program get to share their creativity by choreographing dances and taking part in movement games. The movement games focus on creativity where we ask our students to express to us the moves that they feel different words look like such as colors, letters, or numbers.
  • Music

    Students will walk away from the music course with an ability and understanding of how to play, read, and have fun with an instrument—whether that be anything from a guitar to drums. Students will have a basic understanding of music theory, and will hopefully leave the class with a continued desire to pursue music.
  • Science

    The science program at CYP informs students how to complete an experiment through fun and unconventional projects. The purpose for the science department in CYP is to show kids all the interesting things that happen that aren't seen beyond the surface. We conduct a wide array of experiments on multiple scientific disciplines. Integrates key lab principles with a sense of play and fun (where safety always comes first). From creating oobleck to learning the physics behind paper airplanes, we do it all.

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