The K-12 Advantage

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  • Long-Standing Partnership with the School

    As a K-12 school, we have a long, continuous relationship with our students, with time to focus on the well-being, social-emotional growth, and character development of each child. Our students thrive in an environment in which they feel known and valued.
  • Academic Advantage

    The continuity of a K-12 school curricular arc provides a comprehensive and intentional learning experience and ensures that, at each stage, students are prepared to meet their next academic challenge. Communication between teachers at every level ensures that there are no gaps in a student’s educational journey.
  • Inspiration Awaits

    When it comes to extracurricular activities, younger students have a built-in advantage as they connect and engage with older students who mentor academic and entrepreneurial pursuits, shine in theatrical performances, partake in social justice advocacy, and display sportsmanship in athletic endeavors.

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  • Nurturing Family Environment

    Younger students benefit from strong relationships and positive interactions with older students that can help ease their transition between divisions. Older students develop a sense of responsibility as role models and school leaders. In addition, parents who join K-12 communities can serve as parent body leaders throughout their children’s educational journey with many opportunities to be involved in their children’s lives, make long-lasting friendships with other parents, and build strong relationships. K-12 students experience a family atmosphere with a sense of belonging and a strong feeling of security.
  • No Tests, No Interviews, No Stress

    There is no need to spend months preparing for tests or miss class time to interview and tour at other schools because students do not need to re-apply for entrance to the next division level. This relieves pressure on students and families alike, and, most importantly, it allows students to be immersed in the joy of their school life without interruption.

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  • Greater Resources = Greater Opportunities

    K-12 schools often have greater resources to attract and hire the most qualified teachers in their fields as well as to support ongoing professional development to ensure that faculty are trained in the latest advances in technology and teaching strategies. Resources are often more robust and extensive at K-12 schools, which benefits all students.
  • Two Campus Structure

    While Oakwood functions as one K-12 institution, we are uniquely positioned on separate campuses located one mile apart. This campus structure specifically focuses on optimizing the K-6 experience on one campus and the 7-12 experience on the other. An age-appropriate environment is curated on each campus. When the time comes for students to graduate 6th grade, they move forward to a new setting on the secondary campus where the number of students in each grade level doubles. New faculty and programs await, and there is a palpable excitement in beginning anew as middle schoolers.

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